Lucien Stillcrest


Lucien is tall and thin with a baby blue complexion, and bright purple eyes, which seem slightly larger than one would find on a human of his size. His hair, which matches his eyes exactly in color, is styled in a Pompadour, which seems to wave slightly as if perpetually underwater. His natural smell is reminiscent of a fresh rainfall. When reading, he dons a pair of round armless spectacles, that sit on his nose in a studious fashion.


Lucien was born of a human mother and a Genie father, the latter of which he has never met. Though his mother told him of his father growing up, he has very little knowledge of him in truth. His mother raised him on her own, making a living for the both of them for many years until she got sick. Lucien took up his mother’s mantle at this point, taking care of her in turn. As with all things he found and interest in or need for, he turned to research, learning all he could of the healing arts in hopes of finding a cure for his mother.
Alas, the ailing woman passed away on the eve of Lucien’s twentieth names-day. It was at this point that Lucien decided it was best to stop simply reading about the world, and start experiencing it for himself. He spent the next three years traveling, mostly by way of ship, and even joined a few crews, though each was short-lived.
About two and a half years into his travels, when Lucien was beginning to long for a place of his own once again, the young Genasi discovered an underwater cave, suitable only for one of his kind. He deemed the cave his home, beginning to compile his belongings, both old and new, there. His most prized possession is his small library, composed currently of nearly two entire bookcases, with subjects ranging from religion and science to politics and the arcane.

Lucien Stillcrest

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