Night over Neverwinter

The Fall of Neverwinter....and a New Friend

As the festivities in Gauntlgrym continued, Lucien was asked to help in excavating and restoring some of the older dwarven libraries. Drathis returned to the ruins of the tomb of the last Temple of Ao to meditate.

On the dawn of the festivities, Selise began hearing a voice in her head. Se determined that it was Sabine’s thoughts that she was hearing — a result of using Sending regularly over the past few weeks.

The rest of the party participated in a dwarven drinking game. Selise, who had been kept awake by the voice of Sabine in her head, sat by and watched the games while inspiring Tornan with a halfling drinking ditty.

Tornan, Babyface, Borin and Sakima joined ten dwarves at a table laden with dwarven spirits. Tornan was out after the first round, along with a few of the younger dwarves. As the evening wore on, Borin and Sakim also succumbed to the potent liquer, both passing out at the table unable to move.

Finally it all came down to Babyface and a rather unattractive female dwarf named Alin. With the last draught of the spirits, Babyface puked his guts out and passed out on the table, leaving the dwarf Alin as the victor of the night!

The very next morning the party awoke in various spots throughout the mines with hangovers of varying degrees. Babyface woke up in a strange bed. Looking to his right he saw Alin naked and smiling. He turned to his left and saw a strange male dwarf with a massive bush beard…also naked and smiling.

After discovering that Sabine was pregnant with Muln Hornan’s child, Selise managed to finally shut out the thoughts and get some rest.

Later in the afternoon after more games, food and other reveries…Selise is debilitated again with peircing thoughts. Neverember has escaped and Neverwinter is underattack, A quick trip up to the top of Mt. Hotenow reveals a burning Neverwinter below. Borin sees dragon wings
flitting around behind all the smoke.

The party teleports to Neverwinter gates where they are attacked by a Zombie Dagault Neverember and a horde of Zombie Orcs. You all fight bravely…Lucian manages to turn most of the undead orcs and for a moment there is hope of escape if not victory…then two Sea Dragons attack…basically wiping the entire party out in one round. Only Tornan due to luck and skill manages to evade the dragons and remain standing. Selise rolls a nat 20 on her death saving throw and is awoken in time to hear and then see Eldenser, the Amathyst dragon awoken from his slumber in his crypt in Waterdeep swoop in and save the day. He chases off Neverember and kills the dragons and remaining orcs. He scoops up the party as Selise falls unconscious once again.

Two days and thousands of miles later, Eldenser sets the party down in the rolling hills of the Nentir Vale, explaining that this horror in Neverember was caused by some awakening in the Shadowfell. Here in the seemingly quiet region of the Nentir Vale is a ancient fortification that once protected a sealed rift that leads to the Shadow plane.He asks the party to investigate and deal with this threat as best the can, and he leaves to return to his eternal slumber.

Having managed to also save Sabine and the dwarven captain, the dragon exits stage left.

Camping for the night, Tornan goes to wake Drathis for the third watch to find him gone. As is Lucien and Babyface. After panic and some bumbling of investigation checks, the party finally discovers that unknow assailants came in the night and started taking the party members away one by one…stopped by Tornan noticing.

They send Sabine and Muln into Fallcrest, the nearby city to scout it out as the party goes in chase after their missing friends. They track the kidnappers to a forest about ten miles or so from Fallcrest. On approach, they are attacked by a volly of arrow…seemingly 500 arrows. Tornan goes invisible and investigates. Discovering a palisade wall guarded by 60-70 Kobolds armed to the teeth.

Realizing that they are still in a bad place and lacking any kind of information….the party retreats to Fallcrest where they find their companions in a tavern.

At the tavern they meet a Drow Blood Hunter named Yavien (Sammy’s new character) who has a bounty to remove the Kobold presents in the woods. After Gorm appears, still alive after his run in with the Grey Wolf pack…Yavien having helped save him…has witnessed Babyface being captured by the kobolds and asks Yavien to save him.

They unite. While waiting for food, gambling ensues. Tornan is caught cheating and removed from the table. Borin managed to clean up…winning some solid coin.

Tornan, meanwhile, petty and bitter for being caught watched the security of the playing floor, plotting a grand casino heist in the near future.

As they leave for the night, a pretty halfling waitress gives Tornan a note asking her to meet after third watch. She sneaks out and goes to meet her….to find that this was a lure for her to meet……her MOTHER. And the pretty halfling that gave her the message was HER LITTLE SISTER!

After being trapped nearly 25 years in Gauntlgrym, they escaped a few weeks before the party found it again. Tracking Tornan through Luskan and back to Neverwinter, where the trail grew cold. They eventually returned to the home land of the Ghostwise halflings, not too far from Fallcrest and are currently casing the gambling establishment for a robbery…they without Tornan’s father they are unable to do…but now with Tornan (and his shit) they feel they can do it. Tornan agrees to help them in the coming weeks.

At dawn the party heads back to the woods to find Kobold Hall and rescue their companions. They discover the protections are illusions and easily kill the few real Kobolds. They invade the ruins and desend into the depths. Through crypts they slay Kobolds and Drakes until they finally kill the head Kobold…thinking the adventure over. Descending into what they can only assume is a dungeon, they find their friends lock away in a cage….in the frozen lair of a White DRAGON!!

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